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    Unfortunately, the book is only available in Danish at the moment. An e-book (in Danish too) will be available later this year on this site or on my other site (in Danish only)

    Order a signed book directly from the publisher.

    PLEASE NOTE: The book is in Danish only.

    Original title: SOLO Р4 ̴r jorden rundt p̴ cykel
    English title: SOLO – 4 years around the world by bike
    By: Nicolai Bangsgaard
    Publisher: Worldtravellers Press
    Released: April 2011.
    1st edition.
    ISBN: 978-87-994412-0-4
    High-quality paperback, with flaps.
    404 pages, incl. 232 photos (color and b/w).
    With route map and log.

    Price: 47 USD (plus 20 USD postage).